Production of various types of doorhandles and fittings

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Handles and fittings used in various doors, such as the main door of the house, the entrance door of the office, and even the handles used to open and close the kitchen cabinets, play an important role in the beauty of interior decoration. Unmixed

Because a door is designed smoothly and unmixed, and despite the stunning designs it may have on it, it should not be as much as it should be.

Most people consider the door as a constituent element of the house. Which is intended only for people to enter and exit more easily; therefore, without looking at the door and its components, they pass indifferently.



Influential role of handles and fittings

The role of doorhandles and fittings is well known, and the effect of these components is to make the doors seem more beautiful and attractive. Therefore, most people living in luxury and modern homes try to display their beauty more easily by choosing special handles and special fittings for doors. In such a way that no one can cross the entrance door to the floor without even a slight glance.

Now imagine that the handles and fittings used indoors are also best selected. An individual, who is thrilled to see the entrance door, featuring the unique handles and fittings for the other doors, will make your taste look even more beautiful. Interior decoration will be admired!



How to select the right handles and fittings

The first choice that you should pay attention to when selecting and purchasing handles and fittings is the manufacturer's reputation for producing these products. For example, Iran's hand-guards company, with its experienced and efficient forces, has been trying to produce handles and fittings, which, in addition to the apparent beauty, are also of good quality for use.

In such a way that the customer, having spent one time on the cost and purchasing the handles and fittings of the company, safely installed them on different doors of the house and ... And they use them to make the appearance of the doors look prettier and more comfortable to open and close.



The handles manufactured by this company during their use do not suffer from problems such as fractures and discoloration.

In the following, several models of products manufactured by Iran Handle Company are provided for further information.

Roset doorhandle

Pelak doorhandle

Entrance doorhandle

Cabinet doorhandle


Note that each of the supplied products has different features and uses and is designed as a handle in particular. So before choosing the handle types, first carefully examine the models and their features, and then proceed with the purchase of the handle.

Door handles made by Iran Door Handle Company are available in various colors. So that everyone can choose and buy the door handle and fitting with different color schemes.

In addition to the fact that the products produced by the Iranian handset have a variety of models, to ensure customers, the 5-year warranty is unconditional for the company's products. However, if there is a problem with the handles and fitting purchased, then it will be possible to use after-sales service for customers.

The products provided by this company have the ISO9001: 2015 quality management certificate and are carefully evaluated in terms of quality and performance before they are marketed.