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Why Dastgirehiran?

Since 1982, Dastgirehiran has treated its range of products like family, with love and care. The company is committed to upholding its values and traditions, by creating functional and high-quality products that showcase individuality and authenticity. The brand combines heritage with creativity, curiosity, and innovation, with an aim to always stand by its customers’ side.

Company in Brief

Dastgirehiran co. one of the leading manufacturers of Door Handies in Iran, was established in 1982. Creating brilliant and high quality products in decades. Dastgirehiran acquired its special place among competitors in the region. Developing our management systems, employing sophisticated experts and upgrading our production line machines. pave the way to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Our special attention to the end user’s needs. we present a wide range of qualified product with a vast choice of models and colors designated in accordance With most recent demands from the market. Our entire products are under the surveillance of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems from IMQ of Italy and benefit from the best raw in the world. Employ the most up to date methods, equipments and technologies from automatic die casting and polishing machines to electrophoretic lacquer coating systems help us to convert our product to precious jewels.
Dastgirehiran, a memorable brand of quality and reliability in Iran, The land of culture, art and beauties.

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More than 100 Handle

Dastgirehiran has a history of over 41 years, during which it has consistently strived for maximum quality.
The company relies on the creative expertise of the best professional team to ensure that every detail is taken care of, innovation is pursued, and a passion for work is maintained across generations of the Dastgirehiran family.

Rosette Handle

Rosette Handles by Zamac are characterized by their durability and impact resistance. Their zinc alloy construction offers excellent wear resistance. The superior adhesion of Zamac’s coatings and color finishes ensures longevity. These rosette-style handles retain their stability over time, and the unique Zamac fixing screw prevents any loosening or rattling.

Door Handle with Plates

Zamac’s Door Handles with Plates combine modern design with ergonomics, fitting well in your hand. The 316L stainless steel construction ensures corrosion-free durability, and the concealed fixing screws enhance security. The electro-lacquer finish withstands up to 200 hours of salt spray testing. With our confidence in product quality and established standards, we offer an 8-year warranty.

Classic Handle

Zamac’s Classic Handles offer a timeless, modern, and neoclassical design to cater to a variety of tastes. Crafted with precision, these handles are built to last. Their electro-lacquer finish is highly resistant and endures 200 hours of salt spray testing. Rest assured, our products come with an 8-year warranty.

Pull Handle

Zamac’s Pull Handles are renowned for their excellent wear resistance and robust build. With an ergonomic design, they are comfortable to grip. The Zamac fixing screw ensures a secure fit without any risk of rattling or loosening. Our quality standards support an 8-year warranty.

Cabinet Hardware - Pulls and Knobs

Zamac’s Cabinet Hardware is not only stylish but also highly durable. Made of zinc alloy, it offers remarkable impact resistance and wear resistance. The electro-lacquer finish stands up to 200 hours of salt spray testing. Enjoy peace of mind with our 8-year warranty.


Zamac’s Fittings are crafted with precision to meet modern and neoclassical design preferences. The 316L stainless steel construction guarantees corrosion resistance. The concealed fixing screws enhance security, and the electro-lacquer finish is highly resilient, passing 200 hours of salt spray testing. We stand by the quality of our products with an 8-year warranty.

Our Latest Products

Our Latest Products

Experience lasting durability with our Zamac Rosette Handles, known for their robust impact resistance and excellent wear resistance. The unique Zamac fixing screw ensures stability, offering both style and reliability.

Managment and Staff

With a long experience in Dastgirehiran family, our staff particularly effort for achieving our company's goal. Our sale department has always employed expert and experienced people with the intention of a better and services to our customers via an influential network of more than 400 active agents.

Hassan Mirkarim


Amirkamiar Mirkarim

Co Funder

Shahriar Mirkarim

Technical director of engineering

Masoud Dadras Moghadam

Vice President CEO


Dastgirehiran is committed to meet all vital
qualifications for achieving a variety of Controlling Certificates to which some of them mentioned below:
1 ) Self Declaring Certificate from Institute of Standard
and Industrial Research of Iran
2) Certificate of Quality Control Management
ISO 9001-2008 from IMO . Italy

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Dastgirehiran utilizes PVD since 2018, enhancing wear resistance and providing unique metallic colors and long-lasting durability in high-speed steel machining tools.


Dastgirehiran employs certified zamak, a copper-zinc alloy, with advanced technology to ensure porosity-free products and optimal conditions for applying chromium plating and PVD coatings under high vacuum.


Dastgirehiran’s Plating Technology offers abrasion and corrosion resistance with chromed products, meeting quality standards and providing an 8-year guarantee when maintained correctly.

Lates Exhibition

Tabriz Exhibition

Tehran International Exhibition

Shiraz Exhibition

Production Line

Using appropriate numbers of equipment’s and expert operators, Dastgirehiran developed its production capacity in order to deliver torrents of market order on time to satisfy customer’s needs.
Precise surveillance of apparatus and feeds had ensured the optimize performance pleasing the customer’s rights.

Advantages of Dastgirehiran

We’re all about being top-notch! We focus on smart design and use the latest tech for production. Plus, we keep our team up to date with ongoing training, make sure the workplace is chill, and keep a close eye on everything we do.

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