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Dastgirehiran History

The “Dastgirehiran Company” initiated its activities in 1361 with the goal of designing and manufacturing various handles and plates. Over time, it has expanded its product range in terms of quantity and diversity. In response to market needs, the company not only designs and produces various handles and plates but also extends its production to include products such as locks, cylinders, various types of garment hooks, and wardrobe handles, among others. The continuous effort is to create products tailored to different tastes to satisfy customers.

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Our Services

Explore a diverse product line crafted with cutting-edge technology, backed by 41 years of industry expertise, and upheld to international quality standards. Elevate your experience with “Dastgirehiran Company.”

Diverse Product Range

Explore a wide array of products, from handles and plates to locks, cylinders, garment hooks, and wardrobe handles, catering to diverse market needs.

Edge Technology

Embrace the forefront of technology with our commitment to utilizing cutting-edge solutions, ensuring enhanced capabilities and improved manufacturing processes.

International Quality Standards

Our products adhere to the highest international quality standards, certified by ISO 9001 from IMQ Italy, guaranteeing optimal use of premium raw materials.

41 Years of Industry Expertise

Benefit from our 41 years of industry expertise, supported by specialized and experienced personnel, resulting in numerous successes and a solid foundation for the future.

Technology Advancements

Stay ahead of the curve as we continuously invest in technology upgrades, incorporating new machinery and robotic systems for improved product quality, speed, and precision.

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